Recommended Home Care Services by Category

Our expertise crosses a broad spectrum of conditions. To cover the vast array of conditions that can prompt the need for quality care at home, we provide caregivers and conditioned-based programs for virtually any non-medical care need.



Typical Services

Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia Personal and companion care that reduces stress and reinforces a client’s sense of time and people. Alzheimer’s clients appreciate reminiscing about the past and adhering to a daily routine.
Cardiopulmonary Diseases There is a keen focus on prevention and management of heart and pulmonary diseases, including diet and exercise. Personal care and homemaking assistance care are recommended to help clients to conserve energy so they can enjoy life.
Diabetes Assistance with personal and skin care. Diligent reminders regarding medications, healthy meals and snacks. Education on how daily activities can affect blood glucose levels.
Stroke and Hypertension Strategic long-term plan that includes personal and companion care for post-stroke patients. Care focuses on a healthy diet, exercise and medication reminders.
Cancer Care Assistance with household and daily living activities, transportation to appointments and personal interaction that relieves stress. Care focuses on assuring a comfortable environment with the emotional support needed by clients and their families.
Neuro-muscular Diseases Often complex and unpredictable, neuro-muscular diseases can affect both motor and cognitive skills. Caregivers are adept to recognizing changes in both while providing personal, companion and homemaking assistance care. Care focuses on activities that stimulate the senses and encourage social interaction.
Traumatic Brain Injury Due to the unpredictable nature of traumatic brain injuries, flexible care is essential. Personal Care, Companion Care and Homemaking Assistance Care are provided whenever it is needed (day or night).
Spinal cord injury and paralysis Provide meticulous personal care to assure skin care and hygiene needs are met at all times. Assist with household duties, errands and transportation. Help families and individuals adjust to new living situations.
Palliative Care Assist with personal care, meal preparation, medication reminders and companion care whenever needed. Offer emotional and household support that helps families transition through end-of-life care with less stress and more time to enjoy each other.


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